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Stories. They are the foundation of one's imagination and creativity. They are the building blocks of worlds beyond and the structure in which we learn to expand ourselves. Many of us sit and wonder if these stories are simply fantasy or they could exist somewhere in the vast expanse of space.

Little did some realize...
Some stories are more than fantasy... More than fiction.

Set in the year 2020, Melmond Reino Grant is a recent high school graduate who won a very difficult raffle to be admitted into Thornewood University. Thornewood is a prestigious school only granted to the most talented canines within Alterium. Acceptance into this school was akin to having the rest of one's life set right before it even began.

Little did Melmond know that dark secrets lay hidden within Thornewood that will bring forth a dark past, disturbing secrets, and a war that few foresaw coming and even fewer were prepared to handle.

Take a step into a new world of untold possibilities.
Only time will tell. Only fate can answer. As our lives become Intertwined!


Intertwined is an adult rated supernatural psychological horror visual novel that will have branching paths and unique mechanics. This visual novel uses a devotion system to determine who you will wind up getting close with instead of a standard route choice. Devotion will be obtained through various choices and actions made within the Visual Novel.

Updated 18 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(94 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withClip Studio Paint, Ren'Py
TagsFurry, Gay, LGBT, supernatural
Average sessionA few hours


Intertwined-1.04-win.zip 435 MB
Intertwined-1.04-mac.zip 431 MB
Intertwined-1.05.1-mac.zip 453 MB
Intertwined-1.05.1-win.zip 458 MB
com.lycastudios.intertwined-release.apk 522 MB

Install instructions

Download the files and extract them. Launch Intertwined.exe to play.

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Skip button doesn't work

On which build. PC/Android?


Hmm I will have to take a look at it. Make sure to check if unseen text is checked in preference cause that sometimes may cause the issue.

Yeah I checked the unseen text, but it still doesn't work

Hmm okay, I will look into it cause I am not sure what might of caused that.

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I'm not trying to rush you, but I would like to ask if there will be an update in the near future? If yes then when?


Yes there will be. My hope is that it will be ready by tomorrow. I’m just waiting on some last minute proof reading to be done.

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To start, My save files date back to the start of 2021. I decided to search this VN up after quite some time, and was pleasantly surprised to find an almost completely different game. I downloaded it and finished chapter 1 in one sitting at the time of writing this comment. 

My two major "issues" would have to be: 

1. The font

Slightly straining at first, you eventually get used to it. The ability to change it without throwing back a million errors would be nice though, as it left my eyes feeling weird after awhile. 

2. Oversized genitalia 

Basically my only gripe regarding the art, otherwise it suits the story really well. I know this has been rectified to some extent but calling it a distraction is an understatement. Regardless, it doesn't affect the score or my opinion of the VN as a whole. 

I think the rewrite is amazing and makes the story much easier to follow along with when compared to 2021. The writing is excellent and consistent. The theme and plot are pretty solid and leave lots of room for expansion in future chapters. 

Correct me if I'm wrong, but this seems to be a one man show. I hope to see an official public discord server where (hopefully) community members can contribute to the project. Although the goal of 20+ chapters is commendable, it's highly unrealistic for someone with a life and a job. 

Overall, this VN gets a solid 8.5/10. I wish you all the best with your project, and hope you seriously consider a public discord server! 

P.S The fact that there are only 90 reviews is a travesty, if you haven't already I would highly recommend advertising your VN (and hopefully your related discord server) in the Furry Visual Novel discord server. (Feel free to mention me when you do! @Weed Priest) 

P.P.S Given the clear amount of effort and time investment, this VN deserves WAY more attention and support.  

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Only began the novel and had a good laugh for one pretty big reference to one anime episode))

Moment where Cecilia intimidated half of students to leave.

Maybe spoiler so i put it down.

Really do not understand why Melmond was so surprised about Illif mother because they literally have same pattern on muzzle.As i saw her i already suspected that she perhaps is his relative.

About Transcedents , MC , his new friends... Everything at the end of current build was just too cliche.



The reasoning for not understanding boils down to a lot of German Shepherds do look similar in fur pattern plus it was not really something he thought about as it's not a huge known topic that Cecilia has children. 

As for the cliche. I do agree I went for a bit of a cliche topic here since I did not want to hit super hard on too much given its only Chapter 1. I hope that the future plans I have will make the game overall seem less cliche once pieces fall where they need to!


The MC I don't think highly but I like Illif feels like the he's the main love interest since he's a match to the MC

I never really set a main interest for the story. Iliff is the easiest to get with because the MC can relate to him the most.

In terms of the MC, I wrote him the way I did because this is his rise so action so to speak so he’s going to be pretty bad in the first few chapters and seem pretty bland at the start.

I found the text rather hard to read on the left side of the text box (i.e. where the text intersects with the hexagons). Perhaps you should change the text box or the text font to make it more readable.

Hmm this never came up before but I can see if maybe I can push the text over a bit so it does not overlap with the hexagons. I’ll put this in my list of items to work on for the next update.

Just finished the first chapter and I need to say I love the story and characters so far. But I have a question - is it possible in this build to get our shep butt naked without him covering anything with his boxers? I tried multiple combination of choices but the best I managed to get is him in his boxers or covering himself with them.


There is not currently but down the line there will be ways to get them to show their stuff. So for now all I can say is soooon! hehe~ Glad you love the game!

Loving the story, it's a little different from the old one, but it's still good, but a question how tall are the four main characters?

The characters are all roughly around 6ft tall. Iliff is slightly shorter than the others. I may have to adjust some sprites to reflect this.

I understand, thanks for the answer, now I can imagine a little how they are, in the first CG of melmond and Iliff, the Iliff seems to have an inch more compared to melmond, but I think that's what you meant in your answer. But other than that I'm loving every bit of this visual novel, I'm looking forward to the next update, it may take as long as it takes but I'll wait patiently. Happy new year, even if it's late!!!!

Yeah I am a bit bad with heights for art but they are roughly the same height give or take. Im glad your loving the VN and I will try to make the next updates faster its just this one had a lot of moving parts so it took longer to create lol. Happy New Year!

I kind of like the original better near the beginning but the re-write is better later on, I felt more continuity with the main character pre-rewrite at least the chunk near the start.

the plot so far, a lot of it can be understood very basically if you apply the lens of chaos theory (works for pre-rewrite and post-rewrite)

it would be simple to assume reality is a complex system and the corruption is some outside variable that was somehow introduced, which would lead to rippling effects through out the entire complex system.

and considering the outside variables are completely unknown this brings to light the quantum uncertainty principle which is probably where any kind of powers would arise from, a simple shift in prospective here + there and congrats you're a dog dang hairy wizard.
(damn that's like a pun inside a pun XD)


haha I had to double take and read this over again to grasp a few parts but yeah the re-write is to allow more story to fit without falling off in some places. The beginning of the old one was pretty good but I feel all will come to a good point once the next update is out.

eh, sorry about the complexity XD commentary is no expertise of mine and/but the story very much itches my internal philosopher.
I'll be looking forward to see what's up between my usual.

yes a new update woo I love intertwined 

Im glad you do!

Just played both the 0.09 alpha build and the current 1.02 build and damn it's like a totally different game!

yeah the 1.0 and beyond builds I rebuilt the game from the ground up cause I didn’t like how I rushed certain parts lol.

(2 edits)

In my eyes there are some changes from the "original" I miss / feel awkward currently. In any case, I can't wait to see how this turns out, keep up the good work! (edited for poor grammar)

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I'm back to see what i've been missing since the first chapter.

Not to much yet. There’s still a ton more to come regarding all aspects of the story!


Pretty interesting story so far, I like the concept a lot and I'm curious to see where you take it.

I do have to ask though - The hyper genitals on the characters, is that just a standard stylistic choice for you or is there some story related reason for it?


it originally was a style choice but I have been thinking about making it a story item that could be pretty interesting. Not quite sure yet.

The idea of a sign of peoples power awakening is that their genitals suddenly become hyper is quite amusing.

I mean it definitely sounds hilarious but who knows what might happen when magic is involved haha


Talk about mega co... Err, mega sheath ^///^"


Yeaaa that theme will be a normalcy through the game. Love the look of them lol!


please help me the riddle i try everything but can not find the answer

The riddle answer is time. I will make sure to make that more apparent in the future if I do that type of thing again.

thank you

when it asked for the riddle my mind went blank haha.

just finished the game and its absolutely great,

will there be an update that continues to their training session??, i just played this yesterday and finished today,it would be great if it has a context that shows how the MC will get the other cards...

The game is actually going through some major re-writes. The 1.0 update that exists is the rewrite to Day 1. These re-writes are to pull all the characters more in line and actually get some missed plot-points into the game. 

the rewrite is great. its plot makes a lot more sense than before but is also more immersive. I can't wait for more

Thank you! This is definitely the direction we have been aiming for!

(1 edit)

Xou guys did a good job of rewriting UwU while it was fine before, it's definitely better now, more immursive, and is able to pervey the feelings xou want to get across~ ^^_ I had generally good vibes as I read~ And while the implications of what's to come are daunting, I'm excited to see how xa'll will change the way this plays out :p

I have a few concerns "^^, not meaning to critique to harshly, but what happened to my Ongaku!? OwO Looks like my handsome boy ate 1ne too many chicken nuggers and gained a pair of thunder thighs! xD but... It haaas made way for something else between them thighs to grow O///O

Generally, I like the new art :) the lack of shading somehow looks better, when logically, the lack of shadows should have it lose depth, but it doesn't! n_n

My 2econd concern is the inability to change MC's name, any reason for that? :/ Not that I hate playing out as someone else, but for me, being able to use my fursona helps me immurse myself as the protagonist.

But overall, good job! :D I can tell xa'll had fun planning out how to rewrite this, and when xou're enjoying xourself, it really does translates into xour work UwU keep it up >.</


Originally the Ongaku sprite had an error with the large thighs, but everyone thought it was kinda funny and also thought that it would add diversity to the characters since they are all canines. As for the MCs name, in the story that is the name of the character and we felt that providing the actual character name would help hook readers to understand his character as who he is rather than if a name was given by the reader. Hope that all makes sense lol.

Honestly created an account just to tell you how much I love this game.

I came into this not having high hopes, as someone who has played many VNs, I have seen the good, bad and the worse.

This blew me away, many VNs ive played tend to focus too much on visuals or choices rather than story and you, you absolute beautiful person created exactly what i have wanted to see in a VN.

Not once have I ever been so enthralled by a game like this, the writing is superb. While there may be some parts where I was confused, it was rather easy to follow along.

Thank you for making a wonderful game, and I look forward to seeing where this goes.

Thank you. This means a lot. I have wanted nothing more than to focus on the story and that is why my team and I are going back to do a full re-write of the two chapters. The over-all story will remain the same, but we are cleaning up some parts that were confusing and filling in some plot holes that happened. I hope the re-writes will be just as good, if not better than the original!

Haha I don't doubt it! Just don't burn yourselves out :D

ummm... just after class if you show the book the game shows that the main character asks to see the book that they showed . should this not be the professor soren asking?


Oh whoops. This was an error. Intertwined is being re-created from the ground up so this will be fixed during that. It is mostly to fix the writing, but I hope the new re-writes will appeal to people haha!

it's fine XD it's more amusing then anything i suppose.
i actually didn't even notice for a few seconds and the was like "wait, what?!" and scrolled back through dialog.

i also stand at the precipice arcanus and am excited to see what happens next but my patience is vast and distractions are plenty.

i'm sure your re-writes will do fine :)

Thank you! I am hoping it will be awesome, but we shall see!

oh :) i see the main menu has changed since i last played.
and the mouse is custom , very nice indeed.

i guess this means i have a lot to look forward to and im very excited.

great game also Lliff is the best boi

i cant solve the riddle in sunday sep 16 pls i need help

pls help

The riddle answer is time.

love this update hope for more nsfw

Oh definitely! Hoping to add more as the story progresses!


My Congratulations!!!An amazing VN i was searching one like this since long time, and this is really, realy good!! From Italy.

Great update :O

Thank you for your amazing work! There are 3 best mystic VN's i seen ever - Intertwined, Repeat and Echo.I do not undertake to judge which is better, all are good in their own way. Look forward to the next update!

Greetings from Russia! 


yesss love the new updat


Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!


Just gonna say, the MC is a great example role model of a motivational speaker. haha


This made me laugh so hard considering the MC literally wings everything he does haha.

This look good, I would play it if it comes to android

We are looking into getting an android build made. Hopefully soonish.

thanks 😊

use Joiplay


Only first chapter finished?

How much will be of them?

The original plan is for 12 chapters.

Wow, so much.

Thanks for answer.

after doing this crazy adventure I STILL CANNOT PRONOUNCE ILIFF CORRECTLY

Eye-liff is how you pronounce it.


thanks for stopping me from developing 9,067 accents while trying to pronouncing it right

haha no problem! Yeah he has the weirdest name of them all.

I almost died from laughing at this



I have not made a port for android yet. I will have to look into it.

oh you so should cause then I can play and rate and give the link on my server but like idk many people with computers to download it 😅

(1 edit) (+1)

you can play intertwined on android with "joiplay". Worked flawlessly on my phone so far

I'm speechless. I can't describe how amazing this Vn is, I was putting off playing it for months and I regret not doing it before, the story left me hooked and I couldn't stop playing until the update was finished. And woow the art style is fascinating, and the music chosen is without a doubt the best, I just love this Vn. Hope to help you on Patreon soon, you really deserve it, can't wait for the next update.

(By the way, an apology if my English is not good, it is not my native language.)

Thank you so much for your comment. I am glad your enjoying the game! I hope the next Chapter will be just as good for you!

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 I just found another itch account posting this game. Do you know about that account?

 Edit:Thanks. I reported it.

  That account is now "404"

What? No. This should be the only account that has the rights to post this game.

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Really enjoyed the game so far! The Tarot cards were not expected, primarily because I am not a big fan of them but I felt a bit excited about it when going through the story. I guess that's good? 

Though, I have a bit of a problem understanding the end of Day 4 (that blood scene), especially how it fits in the storyline. I called some of my friends over and see if they can find some logic in it. So far some good ideas have been spoken but nothing crucial. So may I ask, what is it with the snow (if it's possible to answer)? There wasn't any snowfall, so the whole scene seems impossible to ever occur...

I also wanted to get some explanation (if it's again possible) on Melmond's good and bad eye. In the story, it is said that he can't see on his RIGHT eye until later in the game and that's noticable by a scar on his eye. But sometimes, Melmond is shown with a scar on his LEFT eye (game UI with Melmond's head in a circle + on a card that Kurt is holding also features the same issue). Is there any reason for the scar to change places? My other guess is, if it was maybe changed during development? It's quite confusing to say the least! :-(

For the end, I want to wish every single one of you best luck to the future for anything you're currently working on! Keep up the good work!


Let me answer some of your questions. The snowfall is caused by magic. WInter's Fury is a character you encounter who does use ice magic. The snowfall was supposed to simulate that and it is explained much more in the next update that is coming. As for the blood scene itself, that was more of a dream not an actual event that happened. If that is not clear, we can make some edits.

For Melmond's scar, he actually has two scars. A scar across his eye on his right eye. and a lightning scar on his left eye. So that may be what you are confused about. The lightning scar does not show on his younger character because it happened after the fact.

Any other questions, I can try to answer to the best of my ability.

Downloaded this because it looked interesting and I have to say I'm glad I did. The story had me interested from the start, but once the tarot came up I was hooked. Can't wait for the next update! I'm excited to see where the story goes from here.

I'm glad your enjoying it! The Tarot are a main part of the game so you will be seeing them more and more.

I really like it! :D

Thank you!

How do I rate it tho? :C

should be on the top right of the main window.

Thank you <3 x

Hmmmm it's good so far though I am playing this on my phone via joiplay so the mini game thing is a bit funky, as it is pretty much luck based(have to rapid tap and reload till you win took me about ten trys for the first round 3 or four for the second. But either way I'm enjoying it so far it's a pleasant change of pace from the style of visual novel I normally play.

Sorry if it’s a little clunky on phones. I tested the VN using a PC so I am not sure how it acts on a phone.

its fine I'm mostly putting this message up in case others on mobile want to play it genuinely the only issue is the mini game it might be better on tablet as the hitboxes would be bigger but if you save and hit as soon as they apear you can pass fairly easily

Okay. I will put in my notes nonetheless to see if I can do something about getting it to function a bit better on mobile. 

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