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Good Afternoon everyone! I am here to tell you that the latest update for Intertwined has been completed and will be released along with this very small little patch note document. I hope everyone is enjoying what they have seen so far and hope you are ready for what is to come. Day 3 is finally released today and has a number of different paths you can take. Each path is smaller than the prior days, but overall if you complete all the paths than day 3 is right on par.

DAY 3 

Day 3 will feature the third day of the Main Character's time in Thornewood University. Day 3 was designed in such a way that your decisions in Days 1 and 2 will directly affect the routes that will appear here. This took a lot of time and effort to code so I do not know how often I will make such a complicated day, but if you experiment a bit with the options in the previous days you should be able to see all of the paths that are currently available. 

Some Statistics :

Day 3 consists of :

20,000 words of new storyline.
Branching paths to learn very specific parts of storylines that will be revealed later.
New sprite for Yukine drawn in the old style as the art update has not been completed yet.
New locations of the school.

I have been working very hard to fix up a couple of things, but they have not been completed yet and therefore must be pushed back to the next update. Here are a few things currently on the plate for Intertwined that are in the works :

Art Update (New Sprites for all of the characters)
Professor Soren Sprites
ARMA Update
Achievement System complete overhaul
(The achievement system will be completely redone with a better UI and a much better system. This has been called The Star Chart, but it is still in the works.)
Official Game Launcher (This I am experimenting with using my knowledge of Python. This may or may not come to pass depending if I can get over certain hurdles, but it is fun to try!)
Day 4's story and art.

I thank you all for your continued support as I work on this game and if anyone wishes to support the game directly, you can find my Patreon for it down below. 

Patreon LINK

Thanks again,

Yukine Alterma
Developer of Intertwined


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Feb 12, 2021
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Feb 12, 2021

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Posting here because I do not have any other way to contact you.

I believe I'm on the optimal path right now, all thus far have interest and concern in their own way.  Only issues/suggestions I have a this time is that; I'm not sure the music for Onganku's Theme is the most fitting, it is energetic and focused sounding, but seems better for more an action/sports event, or at least doesn't seem to fit with his personality, interesting enough it probably fits some of the characters in certain ways but not others, like a cycle of reasons, it fits one for same reason it doesn't fit another.  In the end the choice is yours and perhaps it will appear more fitting later on in story. Next is wanting some way to see what he MC/Melmond looks like in full like the others, this may also include Prof Soren should it be a good idea.  Last is to add more expressions and/or increase the expressiveness of the current expressions, there seems to be too subtle a difference right now.

Perhaps you have already noted these, but if you haven't I wanted to provide my thoughts.  I can already forsee things getting Very Intresting.

First thank you for the feedback on the visual novel! The song was originally chosen to fit his personality later in the VN so I can definitely see why it’s noticed right now that it does not fit. I will evaluate and see what I can come up with in that regard. As for the sprites, I am adding more expressions as I continue creating the VN. I’ve been working on them alongside the writing so it’s taking a bit of time. Professor Soren will be getting sprites that is something that is on my list as well as a CG art piece to show what the MC looks like. Sorry if it’s a bit slow to get all these created, it’s a lot of work for one person x3

Understood and expected, was more wondering if you were going to bother, after all dogs can be just as curious as cats, and look where the the backstory came from... hehe

Next thing for me to think about is when/how to evaluate when to donate, estimating about August at current rate

Be excellent! Even if "you" are a bit weird... but aren't we all? X3

Hehe thanks! I want to refine all aspects of the Visual Novel that's why its still very much in alpha. I have plans to alter and change the already released days with some feedback I have received it will just take some time!