Intertwined 1.0 Re-Designed


I wish to personally thank everyone who has been on the journey with us as we continue to strive to bring forth a project worth the time that our readers and fans love. As the devs of Intertwined, we felt that the story was rushed and a ton of very key points of it were missed. We also seemed to rush in places that should not have been rushed and therefore we thought it was the best call to pull the entire VN back to the drawing board and start again. This newly written story will still follow the original, but we are adding and removing some parts to make it flow better. We have also been working to get other parts of the VN cleaned up.

As you will notice, we have a new logo and the sprites went through a slight re-work. We down-graded them from the heavy shaded ones to a simplistic style. The reason for this was too be able to produce more sprites faster and give a livelier feel to the VN as a whole. There are not many sprites right now, but with each release we will be bringing more of them to the forefront and adding them as we need to in the earlier versions of the game. This game is still considered ALPHA for a reason!

Anyway patch notes away!


[Day 1 Reworked] 13,000 words of re-written story
[Characters] New re-worked sprites for each of the major characters
[CG] We have added some simple CG works to help lift the story

I know it does not seem like much now, but we have grand plans for the game as a whole going forward. Thank you to everyone who has stayed by us as we work through re-designing this game. It means a lot to the team!

Enjoy what we have and stay tuned for more updates in the future!

Yukine Alterma
Developer of Intertwined


Intertwined 1.0 PC 457 MB
Mar 27, 2022
Intertwined 1.0 MAC 439 MB
Mar 27, 2022

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Thank you, Yukine! Good to hear my lovely VN returns updated!


You're welcome! Hope to continue doing better work for the future!

cool also gl with everything else

Thank you!