[Update] Intertwined 1.02

Hello all!

Intertwined had a bit of a rough patch getting this new update ready but we have finally made it! We are still working to fix the issues surrounding the file size so that has not made any progress yet, but we have a new release with the continuation of Chapter 2! The following has been changed:

16,000 words of new storyline to follow
New Iliff Sprites
New locations: Unknown Basement with several rooms
A bit of eye-candy for those who play the NSFW version

We are working hard to make sure that we can provide the best experience for the story and are also tossing around some new ideas regarding side stories when the main story takes a bit longer than scheduled to release but this will be looked at as time progresses.

As always, if you see any bugs or have any concerns, let us know!



Intertwined-1.02-pc.zip 554 MB
Sep 10, 2022
Intertwined-1.02-mac.zip 537 MB
Sep 10, 2022

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im confused is the nsfw version the one where the toggle nsfw is white or black?

if it’s white it’s toggled to NSFW mode.


Never ever can I expect a QTE to be THAT QUICK!, I thought it would be automatic story wise! Good thing for rollback! ^^;

Also things are realigning nicely!

Oof! Now that is a bit of a nice tease!

Double Oof!

And a cascade of feelings! *chokes* I'll be fine!

Things are falling into place! I have much and more prepared! Stay tuned hehe!

Got to stay Attuned for Oganku's performance! XP

Ahahaha he does need a performance. I will make sure of this >:3

yesh new update

Not sure if I'm doing something wrong/missing something obvious but the VN seems to end at the exact same spot the last build did for me with the MC in the basement talking to himself.

This bug happens sometimes. You need to start a new game. Not sure what causes this.

Yeah! Thank you, Yukine!

As I said before, the "Intertwined" are one of the best mystic visual novels ever. 


Im glad your enjoying it! I hope to put out more content soon and more NSFW stuff as well if thats being well received.

Who is going to strip next? XD

Could be any of them hehe!