Coding Dilemma

Hi all,

As I am progressing with some updates to Intertwined, I now realize how much of a spaghetti code this game has become. I may be looking into fixing and overhauling the code which will not change too much on what you guys see but should reduce the file size of the game and will make my life a ton easier to continue.  Doing this, I will also look into finally getting the android version of the game also repaired and working.

The downside is it will break save files, so I am hesitant if I want to do that or not.

Kinda unsure of how I want to progress here. Any advice or comments is appreciated!

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Greetings Yukine,

I have some experience @your conundrum. An overhaul like this might take 1-3 months to do all@ once. Along with maintenance every 6mo.s to a yr.

Its up to yourown understanding of your goals& posible need fore that Easy Street you mentioned.

I hesitate to Actually give you Definitive advice on scheduling.

But, you can ignore me if you want; especially if at some point in the future, it becomes a hoursecrap solution for your efforts.

Make a midsized. Solidblock. 1st attempt @ maintenance. Give it a troublshooting period..

Rinse/Repeat & try to get things squared away in 3or4 reps.

Dont be afraid to extend the troubleshooting period to add additional content. We're not going to abandon you for getting your shit straight, if you'll pardon the vernacular..


Personally, I say go for it. Sure, broken saves are annoying, but we're not that far into the story (I think), so replaying it shouldn't be too bad. Besides, it sounds like it will help make development go quicker and more smoothly in the long run.   


For me, broken save file is a small price to pay. If it gonna make your life easier, do it


Well this vn still in development so saving progress is not working is will happen eventually, many other vn do this sometimes, and for us it's just going to be excuses to play the vn again from start

I will said my save file is not working is small price to pay for salvation i mean reduced game file and finally android version since i always used joiplay for playing this vn in android