[Dev-Log] Sprite Alteration

Hi all! As my proofreader is continuing the work on 1.03, I have finally come to a consensus on a issue that has come up a couple of times regarding the size of certain parts within the sprites in Intertwined. After careful consideration and a few re-draws, I have decided to go ahead and reduce the size of those parts within the sprites back to normal means. This will not be evident in 1.03 but will be the case in 1.04 as there is a number of sprites that need to be adjusted. Below is an example of the new sprite for Yukine.

I hope the new sprite looks will be pleasing to those following the Visual Novel. The change will be happening to all the sprites so 1.04 may not be happening until late December or early January depending on how much time I have to work on the art and the new content.

Suggestions and comments always welcome!

More to come!

Thank you!

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As much as I love bulges, it had just not made sense to have it jutting out so much from the body, namely while they are flaccid.  This here still looks sizeable, but comfortable!  And who says magic/science can't be used in silly ways temporarily? ^^; Woof! *drools*

hehe true also they have sheathes so that’s why there’s a bit of something jutting out.

Still looks more proper and not hyper now ^^;, least for normal day to day wise

Damn horny thoughts >/../>

well I am glad that the new look is liked! Maybe I can bring the larger looks back later for something haha.