[Update]Intertwined 1.04 (Chapter 1 End)


Hello all! Finally after months of work this crazy update comes to a close. There is so much I want to say in regards to how long this took but I will hold my tongue and try to just enjoy a bit of a break after this monster. The patch notes will explain all the technics but essentially the major thing I want to state is save files will break in this update. I had to do major code tweaks and almost every area of the game was touched in one way or another even if its not inherently visible to the naked eye.

So first and foremost I went back and did a quick adjustment to all sprites to bring a bit more life to them and to honor the poll I posted forever ago. As such, sprites will have varying new designs and changes. Also the elusive Android version has finally been created and I hope to god it works :c.

Anyway, I don't want to write too much so the patch notes should have all changes within them. 

Enjoy and as always if you find a bug please let me know so I can fix.

Thank you and please enjoy!

Yukine Alterma
Developer of Intertwined


Intertwined Version 1.03-1.04


General Changes

-Game Engine has been updated to the latest version.



-Music volumes for select songs have had their volume levels adjusted.

-Music files have been compacted to reserve space and shrink the game size.

-Game Font has been updated to be a bit more pleasing to look at while also being stylish.

-Normal code of the game has been overhauled to allow for easier implementation of new branches.

-Minor rewording and grammar fixes completed for prior updates.

-Added a splash screen with a 18+ content warning.

Story Content Changes

-15,000 words of new content for 1.03

-28,000 words of new content for 1.04

-A few new choices have been added to the previous updates.

-Secret scene added based on devotion level. Some secret scenes are only available while playing the VN in NSFW mode.

UI Changes

-GUI dialogue box has been re-worked.

-New GUI buttons have been added.

-Cursor art has been updated.

-A.R.M.A has been reworked and introduced in 1.04

-Main Title Screen has been updated with new buttons.

-CTC(Click to Continue) icon has implemented.

Mechanic Changes

-Fateful Choices have been implemented. These choices have a lasting impact on the game paths.

-Custom screen has been implemented when choosing Fateful Choices.

- New Mechanic: Devotion Level. Devotion is your closeness to the character. This can be affected based on dialogue chosen or paths taken. Visuals for this will be added in the next update.

Visual Changes

- All previous sprites have been overhauled with a new look based on a poll offered regarding anatomy size and sprite looks.

- Brand new sprites have also been implemented for the characters alongside re-working poses for some older ones.

- New locations within Angel Heights have been introduced in 1.03 and 1.04

- New sprites have been added into previous updates.

- CG pieces are planned to be reworked due to the sprite changes in a future update

- Brand new animations added to the characters in 1.04. These animations will be carried over to the previous updates at a later time.


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76 days ago

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Pretty great took some gettin use to yukine bein less…Abrasive? not sure if thats how I should put it but I still like em despite the way he talks was changed a wee bit other than that I was kinda surprised to see we had a chosen name i didn’t know if I liked it or not till illif called me Mel just seems like a cool nickname at least to me

Hehe yeah I gave the MC a name since this story is about his origin story. Yukine is abrasive but as the story goes on you will learn why he is like that and I hope people will see it from his perspective!


Glad you enjoyed it!

I know I've donated already! But I may just have to do it again in a few more updates! (in which case both donations counted as one in all for this VN), I will gives my thoughts in reply to this message, so hold your tonuge for now! XP

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Starting from the top, I am more amazed than I should be by one sprite suddenly having a whole body shift for emotion! Electrifying! Ok now that is a silly one! XD

Oh yes that grin is nice on you! >X3 Weird colored doggo with fur patterns and "gloves", sure your not talking about me? XD  and damn stop teasing me! XP Could at least put on a shirt! (this is now reoccurring "inside" joke, not to mention I'm one to talk when my sona doesn't even wear clothes at all! but that part is least hidden... XD) (one of those things that drives you crazy but also makes you feel good X/3)

Chance to talk more? Exhausting, but good to be able to do so! When there is time fur it, better use that time wisely!

But I like cake! D: XD

Still love the deadpan humor! XD

That is a shocked/horror hybrid expression if I ever seen any! Its all caked and dried! Oh this scene seems familiar!...  As far as the Two CGs are concerned, only have to make those bits about half the size, who knew cosmetics were so advanced? XP

Oh wow O.O did not expect this, but at same time I feel like it is a blessing.. and a curse! But that is just it!

Uhm I thought it was supposed to be a small ball, not a paw sized ball???

Woah, now that is bonus points! Never ceases to amaze me just how much music out here I haven't heard/that is also unique from anything else I have heard!

Aha I knew it! And wow, version 3.0 is better than ever! HOLY ^&*&  80%!?! *jawdrops*

Well that is a brutal way of doing things, but I see the Original tie in, perfect!  ... And this is what happen when you get all 7 emeralds!!!

Oh! adjust so Yukine's sprite disappears when he follows Sheppy!

I'm thinking maybe 1 Chapter per major Arcana, with any minors sprinkled in as and/or if needed. If 23 chapters is too much, by doing 2 per chapter you will only have about 13 chapters (since first and last are linked, and one of the remainder would be odd one out, assuming I have counted right).  In the end you will find a way to make them revolve around events that are linked to the characters.  Save a planet and purify another!

Hehe this was a funny read and I am sorry I did not get back to you sooner, itch.io sucks at pinging me when comments happen. Yeah this update was a heck of a time to make, but I am super glad everyone is enjoying it as much as I had making it. The overall consensus so far is to have 23 chapters in total but we shall see if some get meshed together or not. Lots more coming and even crazier things to see!

Didn't get to see what Fox did to Shep :/, but does makes sense Melmond is all "I can't deal with this right now, I just got turned inside out" XD

Haha there will be more times to see all the fun. Plus hidden scenes do exist I may have forgotten to mention that lol.

Time and a Space for everything huh.. what will the Fates bring? X3

ill just have to test the android version now eh XD 

i'll let you know in a few days how this went. it's going to take a while to download this apk on this slow arse connection and i refuse to use my data unless i'm out of the house).

Thanks. I was unable to test it much for me as I dont own an android phone :c

i just recently acquired this one actually.

but there is also a project called android-x86 if you happen to have an old laptop or something you don't really use anymore.

Ah yeah I only have this computer so I guess I will just have to rely on people who play the android version to let me know of any issues.

Awesome to see new story content, but was shocked to see some of the sprites get hyper thighs and bulges compared to 1.02. Preferred some of the less hyper sprites from 1.02.
Aside from that, I am enjoying some of the story enhancements, and more choices.


I actually reduced the amount of thighs and bulges they have compared to 1.02. I wanted to bring their overall look more normalized then to have hyper parts.

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Seems the different angle/ poses made things seem larger to me.

1.02 used more angled profiles which has a slimming effect for portraits.

Screenshot below (hidden text to avoid potential for spoilers.)


V1.02 below


Ah I guess that makes sense. I have the actual naked sprites for each and the old ones look way bigger than the new ones but I can definitely see what you mean when you put them side to side! Never thought to look at it like that.


Woah! Best birthday gift for me! Thank you, Yukine!

You're welcome and happy birthday!