Intertwined Poll 1.03

Hi all! 

As I continue working on the update for 1.03, I decided to make a poll to capture the ideas and interests of everyone who has been following the game so far and to see what people like/dislike and any ideas that could potentially become part of the game as it goes on. I am a solo developer with only a proofreader and a back-up artist for UI/CG so it does take a lot to push out these updates, but this project means a lot to me, so I am not stopping anytime soon. Below is a poll that if you could answer would help immensely on where to head to next in terms of the game as 1.03 should really stitch a lot of stuff together as we begin to step into the real meat of the story.

Thank you to all who answer in advance. It means the world to me!

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A bit long winded, but you should understand my suggestions and why I made them, but its only based on what I do know (or Did? Know? XD)

I did see that and it makes sense! A lot of the stuff listed that we have not seen yet will come just needs a bit more time as to not rush things.

TIME is that all you ever talk about? XP