[Sneak Peek]Sprite Changes

Hi all, I just wanted to come and share some work that I have been working on. First and foremost, 1.03 is 99% complete and probably can be released here soon, but I am also almost done with 1.04 as well. The issue here is 1.04 has the new sprite updates and several new components as well as completes out Chapter 1 which is why I have been contemplating releasing them together since 1.03 requires a restart due to coding changes that will break old save files. I am not sure how I want to handle this, but I am almost certain that 1.04 will be done by the end of December if not early January at the latest.

So, for now I am going to show a before and after to the sprite change due to the comments received from the poll, I held a bit ago. I hope these changes are more satisfactory. Let me know your thoughts!


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oh gosh... the new image uploads, just can't keep in all in your pants can you?, well.. at minimum you have accomplished what I had wanted, so further griping is pointless! XD

Where would the fun of that be hehe. If you’re specifically talking about Yuki’s new sprite there is a reason he does that which is explained. Lol.

You already know all my weaknesses >/../>

Hehe well not all x3

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Honestly, I think ditching the huge bulges is a good call. I wasn’t the biggest fan of them, but it didn’t really bother me too much. The sprites as a whole are looking nice, then again Ongaku always looks good in my opinion. I’m excited to see how chapter 1 ends.


Lookin' good, no more gargantuan bulges so I can take the story more seriously now. I think releasing both .03 and .04 at the same time makes sense. Can wait longer if needed

New sprite looks good! I would keep the tie straighter though, and maybe wireless headphones?


I do have plans to return the headphones. I just need to figure out the right look for them. Everything is layered now so I can swap out accessories and clothing easier.

I like Onions!

Onions? lol

They have Layers!

I see! Lol!

i'm a be completely honest with you here, the originals were and are still my favorite of the 3.

this new one and the newer old one are both equally as good in my opinion just 1 is more comically styled i think (because lets face it, huge bulges are comical).

i don't know how i feel about the absence of the ?headphones? though, i might have to see it in context to be if i like it or not.

I cannot argue there. The larger bulges were pretty comical, but since the story is super serious I did want to bring the characters more in line with that idea. As for the headphones, I do plan to put them back I just need to figure out a good look for them.

hmmm was there a time period the game is set in if not I think wireless ear buds would be better

That may be able to work. The time period is 2020 so wireless headsets do exist.

i'm not really a fan of anything wireless but regardless of that ...
what are you going to do when your not using them would be the main question.

in the new old sprite their dangling off of the wire, very casual like and giving off a very chill dude vibe but you can't do that if they're wireless.
i suppose he could stick them in his pockets but *shrugs* still not going to give off the same vibes.

you can't forget combat is a big part of this game as well wired headphones would heavily get in the way getting caught on stuff etc I would rather not have a quick time event based around his headphones being caught on somethin.